07 Sep

HAYWAY Episode 19 – Dangriga, Belize

After a period of gallivanting, we are finally back on the bikes and rediscovering the joys of cycle touring. We have the country and people of Belize to thank for this. Sure it’s stinking hot but we are pedalling with coping strategies in place and they seem to be working fine. We visit the amazing zoo, the prison and ride the glorious Hummingbird Highway.

Cycle touring in Belize

Clockwise from top left: Causeway at Crooked Tree; Belizean currency; Belize Central Prison; Pam and Jeff in Burrell Boom; Tony’s Cool Spot in Burrell Boom.

Cycle touring in Belize

Clockwise from top right: Junior Buddy the jaguar sleeping in the afternoon; Carlos the puma; the ‘pond croc’; Belize Zoo sign; Indy the tapir.

Cycle touring in Belize

Clockwise from top left: Baden cooling off; Baden excitedly heading for baked goods; recording the podcast in Dangriga; Hummingbird Highway selfie; valley along Hummingbird Highway.


5 thoughts on “HAYWAY Episode 19 – Dangriga, Belize

  1. Hi guys…great podcast once again. Liz at Dermatology told me yesterday she has now listened to all of your podcasts and loves them!! Belize Zoo was great…I think I want to donate to Belize Zoo now. Glad you both have your mojo back xx

    • Hey mum, thanks! Rest assured we helped Belize Zoo out plenty while we were there. It’s the slow season so they were happy to see us and run a night tour for us. Night tours cost $100US regardless of the number of people in the group. So funny that Liz is listening, say thank you to her from us 🙂

    • Great to hear from you two! We fondly remember your warm hospitality. The highlands of Guatemala are beautiful and somewhat cooler but we still miss Belize.

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