About us

Travel podcasters_Shelley and BadenBaden and I are Kiwis who had been living in London for seven years and felt the time was right for something new.

While in the UK, Baden discovered he liked pedalling for long periods of time on a road bike. He convinced me to give it a go and, even though I found it tough, we started completing small, personal challenges in the UK.

Around the time we decided to get married, we also started talking about the idea of an adventure on our way back to New Zealand. This blog charts that adventure.

From London to Portugal via the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. The bikes were loaded onto a plane to fly to Cuba and from there we started cycling through Central and South America.

The main objectives of this trip were learning, freedom, meeting new people and personal growth.  This blog and our travel podcast will help us to share some thoughts and experiences as we sought those goals.

Thanks for following us!