01 Dec

HAYWAY Podcast 27 – Medellin, Colombia

Seriously, if you are planning to come to Colombia with the sole aim of snorting cheap crap up your nose, you are massively missing out. It’s a cycle touring paradise and in this week’s How Are You? Where Are You? podcast we team up with our new buddies Shaggy and Lenin to discover all the joys of the beautiful Antioquian countryside.

After eight months on the road, a new style of touring has dawned on us and we’re bloody excited. We share all about that. We discover a perhaps little known link between Colombia and New Zealand and go cattle shopping in downtown Medellin.

Viva Colombia!

cycle touring in Colombia

Clockwise from top left: Lenin and Shaggy in front; road near Uramita; cycling buddies, notice how Lenin’s bike doesn’t have panniers! View on the road to Santa Fe.

Cycle touring in Colombia

Clockwise from top left: feijoas; Baden ready to brand his new cattle at the market; Lenin’s aunt and the coconut rice cooking over a fire; coco rice covered with banana leaves.


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