07 May

Interview on Radio New Zealand’s Afternoon Programme

We were randomly contacted a couple of days ago to do an interview with Simon Mercep on the Afternoon programme on Radio New Zealand.

We’ve only been going for just over a month but I tried to big-up cycle touring as much as I could.

The main things I wanted to get across is that cycle touring is really easy, the hardest part is just leaving and also that I believe almost anyone can do this..

6 thoughts on “Interview on Radio New Zealand’s Afternoon Programme

  1. Hi guys! I listened to the interview this afternoon. I was glad to hear what you said about security in Latin America. You are very right, the poorest the country the more welcoming its people. And it´s actually not right to say poor because the are very wealthy in things that can´t be measured by money. My partner and I traveled from Argentina, were we are from, to California in 2013-2014. Feel free to contact us if you want some advises about LA. It was good that you named warmshowers, yet not everyone knows it. Good luck on your trip!

    • Hey Adrian, I wish I had been articulate enough to express it in those terms. You’re totally right. Thanks for following us, hopefully we can meet up in NZ.

  2. Enjoyed your interview which sounds like a real advertisement for cycle touring…you have a really positive attitude which is infectious! Keep on having fun.

  3. Loved the interview. Agree with Mum, you sounded so positive and happy! You’ve proved me wrong, I had visions of you two talking about how hard it was. Sounds like anyone with enthusiasm, a modicum of fitness and a willingness to be slightly grubby would be able to do it. But you’re right, sounds like the hardest part is leaving to do it. So proud of you two xo

  4. We’re happy to know that this was made in our tiny living room! Hope you guys are enjoying the camino. We’ve been here diligently listening to “What’s in the Pot” (currently on the River Dordogne episode)… keep them coming.

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