08 Jun

HAYWAY podcast episode 10 – Douro special

Welcome to our tenth episode and it’s all about the river. We traveled along the Douro river from Pocinho all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful city of Porto at the mouth of the river. (Click here for more photos)

Douro day one

Anti-clockwise from top left: We arrive upriver. View from road. Train from Regua to Pocinho. Baden struggles to offload the bikes.

Douro day two

Clockwise from top left: View from the road. Antonio explains palaeolithic drawings. Horse. 4WD ride back.

Douro day four

Anti-clockwise from top left: Tasting at Sandeman’s near Pinhao. Port and local cheese. Pinhao station art (azulejo). Wild camping.

Douro day five

Clockwise from top left: Sipping vinho branco in Bitetos. Cleaning cycling gear. Camping on the beach. Beautiful Bitetos, a cove in the Douro.

Douro final day

Clockwise from top left: Roadside cherries. View of the Douro closer to the end. Lunch with Maria-Jose and Rolando. The end of the Douro marked by Arrabida Bridge.




4 thoughts on “HAYWAY podcast episode 10 – Douro special

  1. Hi guys…tawny and ruby! Just listened (finally) to your last 2 podcast…sounds like you are having really cool fun. Not long till we see you in the flesh..can’t wait. Hope the exam goes well Shell. We love you xx

  2. How much does Baden like saying the word ‘Duoro’?
    I feel like we could play a drinking game where we drink every time he says it and we;d be battered 🙂

  3. I’m writing my book on the camino now; guys you have no idea what your friendship on this trip meant to me. Now I’m putting it to words and I notice………… it’s one of the best things ever happened this bikingtour to Santiago!

    • Oh Johann, you are the best!! You really made our camino special and we often think of you. We both say ‘grrreat eh’ about things all the time now, which we picked up from you.

      I bet you’re enjoying reliving your bike trip from those numerous journals you were scribbling in. What an adventure!

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