22 Oct

HAYWAY Episode 23 – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Sorry for the delay in bringing you episode 23. We’ve been on the road pedalling our legs off riding across eastern El Salvador, before zipping through the south of Honduras and travelling the length of Nicaragua to our recording place of San Juan del Sur, down in the south of this interesting land on the Pacific Coast.

We are joined by a special guest this week. He’s another cycle-touring drifter out drifting. Ivan Said (aka Pistache Radioactivo García) has ridden here from his hometown of San Luis Potosí in Mexico and will join us in a mini peloton as we head into Costa Rica and beyond.

We compare travelling tales from the last couple of weeks on the road and share with you, our dear listeners, a Nicaraguan folk story. There’s also perhaps the launch of an exciting new segment: Poetry Corner. Hey we’re drifters out drifting so why not?



Clockwise from top left: recording; Pistache, Shell and Baden; the Christ on the hilltop, can you see it? Can’t be that big then eh?


Clockwise from top left: Jose tries to help Baden with a broken spoke; at Ramon’s bike shop; Yummies; kids along the Pan-American Highway in Honduras; school named after Morazan.


Left to right, top to bottom: we think this model at the museum is of Nicaraguan rock star poet Ruben Dario; Take your Tit, outrageous dummy for an outrageous folk story; the death cart or La Carreta Nagua; Cathedral in Granada; notice to customers of abandoned ferry service; ferry to Isla de Ometepe.


3 thoughts on “HAYWAY Episode 23 – San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

  1. Great podcast guys….really cool that you have teamed up with the very nice Pistache for the next leg. Glad you were not badly hurt in the fall Shelley May. Love as always xxx

  2. The way you guys described Shelley’s fall was very funny – glad to hear you’re okay, and hopefully you’ve learnt the lesson with your iPod now 🙂

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