20 Sep

HAYWAY Episode 20 – Cobán, Guatemala

We recorded this in Cobán, high up in the Alta Verapaz region of the Guatemala’s interior. We’ve been learning a lot about Mayan culture and a lot about the capability of our legs to ride our heavy touring bikes high up into the sky.

New Zealanders have been fascinated by this Central American country ever since Nurse Carrie Burton uttered the line: “You’re not in Guatemala now Dr Ropata” in the debut episode of the homegrown soap Shortland Street.

Unlike Dr Ropata we are actually in Guatemala right now and have even been spending time in the jungle where the great doctor cut his medical teeth. We hope you enjoy this podcast.

Cycle touring in Guatemala

Clockwise from bottom left: Jaime Perez from Hummingbird Lodge; Jaime shows us the incredible plants in his jungle garden; Temple 1 in Tikal; Temple of the Great Jaguar again; Nathaniel our guide.

Cycle touring in Gautemala

Clockwise from bottom left: electioneering; view from the island of Flores; Vilma welcomed us to camp; Baden climbs.


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