Interactive map

You can see a rough outline of our route and the places featured in our cycling podcast on the interactive map below. As we made progress we posted markers for each night and a quick daily diary for each stage. You can zoom in and click on the lines for the daily diaries and extra details about our route. We tried to keep this up to date because we didn’t write anything down on paper!

We have also put up some detailed maps of where we’ve been that are downloadable for your very own cycling tour (hint hint).

Here’s where it all began:

A wonderful ride through France:

The Spain bit:

and a glorious ride through Portugal to Lisbon and the end of the European leg of our adventure.


Then we crossed the ocean to Cuba. Baden went on a solo journey in the west of the island but bailed back to Shelley and her visiting parents after being overwhelmed and unacclimatised to the oppressive heat.

Cancun signalled the start of our Latin American jaunt. It all started with a ride down the Yucatan coast. Again in stifling temperatures.

The heat continued in Belize but we coped with early starts and short days.

Guatemala brought us into contact with proper climbs for the first time on the trip but we loved it.

The so-called “danger countries” of El Salvador and Honduras turned out to be a joy to cycle through.

Next up was the sweltering Nicaragua

Costa Rica was a bit more of a strain on our budget but the spectacular scenery made up for it.

Apart from the mountain section between Punta Peña and Gualaca and the arrival to Panama City, Panama won't win too many beauty prizes. There aren't too many other roads to ride other than the notorious Pan-American.

Colombia wins the prize for being our favourite country. Here's a place that has it all for cycling. Here's our route through the north of the country:

and the south:

Ecuador surprised us with the majesty of its mountains.

We gave ourselves the month of February to push through Peru to meet our flight on March 1. Here's how we did it.

Here's the final leg of our trip in the South Island of New Zealand