23 Jan

HAYWAY Podcast 32 – Quito, Ecuador

We have climbed to the second highest capital city in the world. Somehow by arriving in Quito we have acclimatised to become human mountain goats with some strange ability to breathe at 4000 metres.

Quito took a while to capture our hearts but a walk around the city’s historic centre and a visit to the home of Oswaldo Guayasamin, one of Ecuador’s most celebrated artists, did the trick.

As always we have met some interesting characters on the way here and the transition back to using U.S. dollars in Ecuador has increased our need to become scavengers.

Hear all about it in this the 32nd edition of the How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

First Days in Ecuador

Cycle touring in Ecuador

Clockwise from top left: Baden on the Equator; river views; Shelley climbs; Edwin and family in Lumbaqui; Hosts Jose and Mercedes in Lago Agrio.

The Road to Quito

Cycle touring in Ecuador

Clockwise from top left: Baden in Papallacta thermal pools; Shelley descends to Quito; San Rafael waterfalls; 4000m summit; volcano view.

Hanging in Quito

Cycle touring in Ecuador

Clockwise from top left: Shoe shiners in Plaza Grande; Baden and Shelley on the gondola; Plaza San Francisco; mountain view from Pinchincha Volcano; view of Quito on gondola descent.

Guayasamin Museum Visit

Cycle touring in Ecuador

Clockwise from top: Inside Chapel of Man; painting in Guayasamin’s studio; artist’s house; back garden

Our Grind to Quito

3 thoughts on “HAYWAY Podcast 32 – Quito, Ecuador

  1. Baden here is a little trick you can try with your back tire. Try to find another tire one size smaller in diameter to the one your using and cut the bead off of the smaller tire then insert the smaller tire inside the original tire. Now you have a tire liner and it should give you extra protection.
    I always wondered how to handle getting sick on big bike tours so I have some questions and I hope they don’t get too personal. If so just tell me and I won’t ask them. Anyway how do you pay for the medical treatment? Do you just pay with cash or is there some other way? If you pay by cash is it reasonable or do you think it was a bit much? Also how was the service was it up to what you expected? Just curious and I think you folks are really brave. I just love this podcast it is so interesting and I can’t wait for more.

    • Hey Johnny, thanks so much for the feedback! It’s so nice of you to take the time to write us a note, we’re really glad you are enjoying the pod.

      We pay for treatment with cash and it has been pretty cheap. In Panama when I had a local anaesthetic and my wedding ring cut off it was $6. In Ecuador Shelley had to get a lab test ($3) and see a doctor. There was a doctor at a pharmacy so she just paid for the prescription – $30. We have insurance but the amounts have been small so we haven’t bothered. The service has always been really good and quick too, no complaints at all. We’re used to a pretty high standard in the UK and all our medical encounters have totally been up to that standard. Even the clinic in a smallish town in Panama was super clean and professionally run.

      Sounds like a good tyre tip, we’ll keep it in mind though the tyre seems to be holding out for now.

      Thanks again!

  2. Great podcast guys….I really wanted to be there to bathe in the hot pools with you…it was awesome they cured your aches and pains (especially your knees Shell). Promise not to eat ALL the coffee delights guys….love you xxxxx

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