04 May

Hot, sexy, musty?

Shell for blogWe’ve been travelling for a month and our routine has begun to develop. I was recently asked about my beauty regimen on the road and thought I’d confess a few things here.

My friends know I am pretty slack when it comes to womanly activities like toning, exfoliating, nail care and having regular haircuts. Give me some foundation and I end up looking like I have blacked up in a really orange way. BUT…here are some of the things I’m doing right:


  • Wearing sunblock every day (my friend Costi says I should use SPF 50, will do)
  • Covering myself as much as possible in an effort to reduce leathering and be recognisable when I finally arrive home
  • Showering daily so far
  • Flossing

Things that are probably damaging my carefully cultivated image:

  • Washing my face with plain old shower gel or soap
  • Only moisturising my face, rest of body neglected
  • Wearing the same clothes repeatedly without washing them
  • Ignoring the fact that I even have hair right now

I have updated the gear page so you can now see what clothes and toiletries we are carrying. How do you think I am doing? All advice and comments welcome!


11 thoughts on “Hot, sexy, musty?

  1. I think you are doing pretty so far..considering you’ve been on the move for a month! My mother and grandmother always said there was nothing wrong with washing your face with good olde soap and water!!!

  2. You’re beautiful!
    Washing with soap is fine if you have skin that can handle it. But most importantly use sunscreen and moisturiser. SPF 50 will help reduce raccoon eyes from wearing sunglasses.
    I’m so interested in knowing how you handle regular life chores like washing and cooking, what clothes to wear etc as opposed to stuff about the bikes.
    For example – do you carry around cooking oil, salt & pepper? Dish washing liquid?
    I love that you brought 4 mini samples of perfume.

    • Aw, thanks Costi. I feel like a hobo compared to you whenever we Skype! We have dishwash liquid in a tiny water bottle along with a scourer and a little sink! No cooking oil and little salt and pepper sachets. Can you imagine?

  3. You’re doing better than my friends Emily and Phil who walked the Te Araroa trail (the length of NZ)…they went for days on end sleeping in tents and huts so daily showering is pretty glamorous in comparison 🙂

  4. I love how our beauty regimes are practically the same and I’m not cycling touring. But having kids is practically the same thing. There is no time for anything else 😉

    You’ve always been a beauty without all that other stuff, so keep doing you xo

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