30 Nov

How to podcast on the road

Podcast fueled by Don Simon SangriaOk, we are not experts at this by any means but we have found our rhythm and I thought it might be interesting to explain our methods and equipment. Some episodes are easier than others and it can depend on the amount of audio you have recorded, facilities (camping is not the best place for editing a podcast) and of course how tired we are and whether we can play nicely!

We record with a Zoom H4N topped by a Red Head windsock. We have not even begun to understand all the functionality of this great piece of equipment but we have the basics down. We use headphones when we are recording the podcast but when we are in the field we just tend to watch the levels on the screen and make sure the sound isn’t peaking.

Sometimes we have included audio recorded with the voice memo function on an iPod Touch. It’s not too bad and sometimes easier to grab that quickly and record ambient sound or audio from the saddle rather than dig around for the Zoom.

We plan the podcast beforehand in a notebook, working out in what order we are going to use our field recordings. We try to record the main audio for the podcast in a place with some audible atmosphere but sometimes we can’t be too fussy because it’s not often we have a private spot to ourselves.

We edit the audio on our Mac with GarageBand, a simple programme that comes standard with a Mac and suits us. We grab all the tracks for the podcast and transfer them to a portable hard drive, then drag them all in and get to work editing, adding in the stings and adjusting the levels. It usually takes between two and four hours to finish, depending on the number of tracks we want to include.

Finally we export the podcast to SoundCloud, create a logo and add everything to our blog. We’ll usually share it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and then check later in the week to see how many people had a chance to listen. We’ve been amazed at the crazy places in the world people seem to be listening! That part is really rewarding..

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