14 Dec

HAYWAY Podcast 28 – Bogota, Colombia

We come to you this week from Boggers, a.k.a Bogota, the capital of Colombia and the third-highest capital city on this green earth. (If you don’t count Bhutan’s capital Thimphu, which we deliberately chose to ignore in this podcast)

It was a long but beautiful slog to haul ourselves up here and what a huge and disorganised city we found at the top of the climb. However, the people have been fantastically friendly and this place has a rich history to explore.

On the way here, we stayed in some strange and wonderful places and stopped off at Guatepe,  a picture postcard town with an unusual style ethic.

What’s in the pot is back again and we continue to lift the lid on our breaking story regarding feijoas.

Hey, and thanks for listening to the How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

Visiting Guatape

Cycle touring in Colombia

Clockwise from top left: The oldest street in Guatepe; Baden’s bike in front of a Zocalo; an example of a Zocalo; Enrique Garcia, owner of the oldest house in Guatape; a fountain in the village

Unexpected sleeping quarters

Cycle touring in Colombia

Clockwise from top left: the bomberos in El Peñol; school playground in Monteloro; the train station in Alban; Andres’s finca in Corona; our spot behind the fire engines in Puerto Salgar

Pictures From The Road

Cycle touring in Colombia

Left to right from top: off-roading between Guatepe and Granada; public transport in Cocorna; a block of panela; dishing out the morning’s panela; Baden and Shaggy posing in front of tanks showing the military presence on the route from Medellin to Bogota; Shelley in Guatepe; lunch spot under a bridge alongside the Magdalena River; the dog who followed us up the road out of Cocorna; Hacienda Nopales; Pablo Escobar’s farm; La Piedra del Peñol

Fun Times in Bogota

Cycle touring Colombia

Left to right from top: the view over Bogota; Shaggy, Shelley and Baden outside the presidential palace; old men play chess in downtown Bogota; the church in Plaza de Bolivar; hanging in Plaza de Bolivar; a Fernando Botero piece at the Botero Museum; the offering bowl at the Gold Museum; more gold on display at the Museo del Oro; an intricate offering raft at the gold museum.


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