30 Apr

HAYWAY podcast episode 5

Here’s our latest podcast on the banks of the River Dordogne in Bergerac. This week we talk about our impressions of French culture, we finally start drinking some wine and we discuss our underwear.

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Our campsite and recording studio in Bergerac


What’s in the pot?


Icebreaker underwear – RIP pink bra (sadly left behind at campground)


Baden and Jean-Do, one of our lovely hosts. Jean-Do rode with us out of Limoges and made sure we didn’t get lost


5 thoughts on “HAYWAY podcast episode 5

  1. Seriously, change your underwear more often guys. OR sell them, unwashed – maybe you could finance the rest of the trip that way?

    “Colle-mouette” is your friend for your French language questions…


  2. Hey there just played your blogs to Gran is Sunday arvo & we often have Gran round for the afternoon
    Bike safe is quite an incredible adventure you are doing

    take care

    Gran Helen & Rick

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