25 Nov

HAYWAY Episode 26 – Uramita, Colombia

We’ve just gone and cycled across Central America! How about that? We look back on the best of times in this week’s How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

We talk about how to cross the Darien Gap between Central and South America (costs below) and why we opted to sail in a yacht through the San Blas Islands captained by a maniacal Italian instead of transforming our steeds into pedalos in an attempt to cross these supposedly smuggler-infested waters.

Colombia is freaking awesome by the way but hang on for episode 27 for more on that.

Listen to Callum Campbell’s EP called Pb here: Pb by Run Time


Clockwise from top left: crossing the Bridge of the Americas; view towards the ritzy part of Panama City; view toward Panama Canal and the Bridge of the Americas crossing it; Panama City at night; ciclovia in Panama City.


Clockwise from top left: Sarah, Landis, Maika and Shelley; Simon, Captain Rudy, Paddy and Baden; moody looking Rolf; Captain Rudy at the helm; view from the boat.


Clockwise from top left: African Queen 2; Sara, a fellow kiwi; bikes about to board the boat; Sarah, Landis and Sayaka play Settler’s of Catan; Chris and 1st mate Yamila.

By plane from Panama City to Medellin: $80USD-$120USD plus bike baggage costs.

By lancha from Cartí: to Puerto Obaldia $100-$140USD, to Capurgana $20USD

By cargo from Colon: not sure

By sailing boat from Cartí to Capurgana: $375USD including bike but add up to $125USD per person for a taxi from Panama City ($40USD inc bike), extra lanchas and taxes. There is no road from Capurgana so take another lancha to Necocli or Turbo..

5 thoughts on “HAYWAY Episode 26 – Uramita, Colombia

  1. You got the laugh!! Great episode, we are thinking of renting a room withouth windows and catch up with all the previous episodes.

    We will send some cool pictures your way. Also, Dutch courage is something we as dutch(wo)man have never heard of, but definitely will add to our vocabulary!

    Such a good idea, a podcast!


    • You guys haven’t heard of Dutch Courage? We use it all the time. It’s when a few drinks gives you the courage to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

  2. Heel erg leuk om jullie verslag te luisteren. Ook om Rolf en Maika te horen.
    We wensen jullie nog een hele gave reis toe en gaan zeker jullie volgen via de podcast die jullie plaatsen.

  3. Sure sounds like you had a great time on the African Queen! Keep up the good work….stay safe and have fun! Love you xxx

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