02 Jun

HAYWAY Episode 43 – Upper Hutt, NZ

That’ll do.

After almost 16,000km and 13 months on the road we have arrived home in the Hutt Valley of New Zealand.

We arrived in Wellington Harbour on a beautiful day and formed a peloton of friends and family to ride 30km to Baden’s sister’s house in Upper Hutt to signal the end of our journey.

It has been a weird ol’ month since we’ve been back. Baden really misses the cycle touring lifestyle while Shelley’s enjoying being inside again.

Thanks for listening to our series of podcasts. They’ve been fun to make. We have loved recording our memories in this form and hopefully you have enjoyed them too.

Watch this space for future podcast projects but for now farewell!

Cycle touring in New Zealand

Cycle touring in New Zealand

One thought on “HAYWAY Episode 43 – Upper Hutt, NZ

  1. Wow, what a journey. Can’t believe it’s over and these podcasts have come to an end. It’s been great fun following your travels and I’ll miss them! Best of luck with the next instalment 🙂

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