12 Nov

HAYWAY Episode 25 – Santa Clara, Panama

Baden has a run in with the Panamanian health system and his marriage comes under strain in this How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

We’re in Panama, slogging our guts out pedal stroke by pedal stroke to reach the nation’s capital and the end of the Central American part of our journey.

On the way, we get lots of honks and toots, we meet an interesting Oklahoman living off his land, we try to fit a Panamanian hat atop Baden’s significantly-sized head and we give you the crucial lowdown on the banana situation.

Cycle touring in Panama

Clockwise from top left: Baden’s search for a Panama hat; truck load of bananas; sugar cane press up close; Charlie and Nai in Charlie’s house; Nai teaches her Dad to make cane juice.

Cycle touring in Panama

Clockwise from top left: the finger trapped by wedding ring, Doctor Espinoza files the ring; finger freedom; Shell outside Gualaca fire station; friendly motorcyclist Nick and Baden trying to fix brakes on brand new, still closed bit of highway.


4 thoughts on “HAYWAY Episode 25 – Santa Clara, Panama

  1. Tremendous effort(s) to date, you two – I’m not sure why I haven’t got round to it but, having had some time off work I’ve sat down and listened to all of your podcasts back to back over the last couple of days…it’s going to be strange not having you talking in the living room as I’m sat here!

    Looking forward to the rest, bon courage!

  2. Great podcast….didn’t know you had a phobia about sloths Shells…only spiders (down to me, sorry). So interesting hearing and seeing about the sugar cane!! Felt like we were there in the emergency room with you Baden….you were so strong(ish) haha. Take care, love you guys xx

  3. Aw, poor Badey – that bite/ring removal sounded nasty!

    Cracking up when you were both trying to squeeze the Panama hat on Baden’s head!

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