12 May

Music = making it to the top

IMG_20150516_110113836We crossed The Pyrenees and climbed 2,600m in two days, and that wasn’t the end of it. We also climbed to the Cruz de Ferro and there will be so much more!

I only have a few secret weapons for helping me climb. One is to sneakily put my heaviest stuff into Baden’s  panniers, another is entering a deep, trance-like state thus leaving my body, the third is my climbing playlist.

Ninety nine minutes of tunes that fire me up and seemingly drive my legs round and round. I only use it as a last resort lest its power be reduced by overuse. I don’t understand how Baden, and others, can manage without music to motivate and distract. Without it I have to deal with both the physical exertion and my mental chatter.

I hope I can rely on it less in the future, but for now I’m happy to add to it with recommendations in the comments. Any ideas? What songs help you push through the pain barrier?


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