12 Feb

HAYWAY Episode 34 – Chiclin, Peru

We have been hammering it through Northern Peru. How did we get so fit? It seems like a lifetime since we were plodding through France trying to get used to this whole cycle touring thing if you consider a life to be 10 months.

Check out the map below to see our effort over the first 11 days of February. We talk about why we’ve been putting the pedal to the rubber-soled shoe if that’s an acceptable use of the phrase.

There’s been a lot of nothing riding through the deserts of Northern Peru but it has provided us with stunning scenery and plenty of time to contemplate some of the environmental issues in this part of the world, which we talk about in this week’s How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

We were also invited to a sugar-fuelled rave masquerading as a 2-year-old’s birthday party and the quality of the cooking in Peru has been a big step up for this trip. The big question is why Shelley has been preferring to eat all this magnificent food with less-than-hygenic implements?

Desert Riding

Cycle touring in Peru

Clockwise from top: the road frequently stretched as far as we could see; we’ve been setting off early to escape the midday sun; whole lot of nothing; the only place selling drinks in the desert. Shame they weren’t cold.

Life in Peru

Cycle touring in Peru

Clockwise from top left: El Niño starts in this part of the ocean; Zika Virus warnings at the border; the famous King Kong biscuit; Peruvian moto-taxi

Sugar Party

Cycle touring in Peru

Clockwise from top left: party treats; with Lester, our party host in Sullana; Baden edges in on the cake; Duck rice; Manta Ray Omelette; Crazy hour at Stephanie’s party

Our Big Push Through Northern Peru

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  1. Dears
    Shelley and Baden

    Good luck on this adventure.

    Regards from Quito

    Diego Acosta Bastidas

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