02 May

HAYWAY episode 42 – Picton, NZ

We’re almost a stone’s throw away from home in this week’s How Are You? Where Are You? podcast.

A lot of road has been traveled between Christchurch and the top of the South Island and we’ve been blessed to meet some brilliant people as well as enjoying outstanding autumn weather.

We thought we had left all the beautiful scenery behind when we left the West Coast but the mainland has continued to delight especially when riding the lonely Rainbow Track through the country’s biggest farm. The weather tried to spoil the party that day but like what has happened so many times on this journey, the following day’s bright and brilliant sun erased any memories of struggle 24 hours earlier.

Two of the most moving things to happen to us since we arrived back in the homeland occurred on this final leg. One was a visit to Baden’s old stomping ground of Christchurch to see all the positivity to arise from the trauma of a devastating earthquake in 2011. The other was a visit to the Te Awhina Marae, the Maori meeting house in Motueka where we were privileged to be formally welcomed on but also to hear cycling comrade Nick sing.

Peanut butter is the fuel that has kept our wheels turning since we arrived in New Zealand so we went to inspect the Pic’s factory in Stoke for any performance-enhancing qualities.

Oh and something shat on Baden’s face.

Rediscovering Christchurch

Cycle touring in New Zealand

Clockwise from top left: Rita Angus’s ‘Cass’ at Christchurch Art Gallery; Shelley and Baden on route to Hurunui; our digs in Governor’s Bay; brilliantly shot photo with Baden and buddies Katie and Conan; Baden and his other mate Lola

Riding the Rainbow Track

Cycle Touring in New Zealand

Clockwise from top left: Rainbow Track day 2; Nick and Guk smash a stream crossing; Fowler Hut interior; Nick tries to show us the way to go; break at Fowler Hut; on top of Island Saddle, NZ’s highest accessible road pass.

Motueka Inspires

Cycle Touring in New Zealand

Clockwise from top left: Motueka mural; Sean from Te Awhina Marae; the famous “Moist Maker” sandwich; Baden and Nick ride the backroads to Motueka; Te Awhina Marae.

Final Days on the Road

Cycle touring in New Zealand

Left to right from top: Monica, the tour leader at the Pics factory; something shat on Baden’s face; a provincial curry in Picton; illegal drinking in Picton; day 2 on the Rainbow Track; Rainbow Track river crossing; dog whistle; movie watching in Nelson; Nick and Pikiora at Te Awhina Marae; Sedgemere Hut on the Rainbow Track

Our Final Leg in the South Island

2 thoughts on “HAYWAY episode 42 – Picton, NZ

  1. My dearest friends!

    Out of sight, perhaps.
    Never out of my heart!
    Glad your safe home.

    We’ll keep in touch, that’s for sure!
    A big, big hug from the Netherlands!

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