21 Apr

HAYWAY podcast episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of the How Are You? Where Are You? podcast brought to you from a roadside lay-by in a forest somewhere between Troyes and Auxerre in France.





3 thoughts on “HAYWAY podcast episode 4

  1. Love the podcasts, guys! My favourite parts are when Shelly cracks up in the background.

    Our Camping Special was onion and garlic (if we were lucky) fried up with whatever vegetables we’d got on the way – usually carrots and peppers. Add sliced sausage (again, if you’re lucky). Season with salt, pepper and a generous couple of glugs of Korean hot sauce (how that lasted halfway around the globe is a mystery). Mix with pre-prepared rice and heat through.
    Never mastered a simmer with the Whisperlite stove, so everything had a bit of a fried rice vibe.

    To say you guys are giving us itchy feet is quite an understatement.

    Much love,

    Igor and Penny

    PS, is your Spot up and running? Give us a private link if you don’t wanna post it here.

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