29 Mar

Say goodbye

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our farewell last night. We gathered a bunch of our London friends together at Shillibeer’s Bar & Grill in North London to catch up and say goodbye.

We asked people to give us one piece of advice and here are some of their pearls of wisdom:

  • Enjoy every moment
  • Don’t drink and ride
  • Remember to wash your hands
  • Deep breaths and count to 69
  • There’s always the option of turning it inside out
  • You’re in this together
  • As soon as you learn, move on
  • Just think of a giant bear hug every time you’re about to cry, scream or throttle each other
  • Talk to everyone, take their advice and enjoy the ride
  • How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top

We also asked for one song from each person to make a playlist – it has turned out to be an eclectic collection, enjoy!

Apologies to Miranda, Sejal, Penny, Mike and Saphia for not being able to get your tracks on Spotify. I have added a different song by same artist where poss.


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